Need developer for Bangla mobile application

Recently I have focused my online activities via my nokia 5233 handset. Well its not a perfect but still it keeps me hooked up to the social network and things I’m interested in. I had no other option rather going on mobile device, as many other service holder in Banlgadesh the typical time frame when I leave office is around 8pm, and 2 hour journey to home amid jam packed traffic does not help my cause much. Most of the time after I reach home at 10pm I have my dinner and too tired to sit online to have a social life or work in all the volunteer groups I have been involved with.

But one thing really bothers me is that even though I can connect, collaborate get involved online via mobile device I still miss the thrill of interacting in my own mother language, Bangla. Sisshh I wish you knew how big deal it is for me. Some intimate feeling, thoughts can not be expressed in other language like we can do with our mother tongue. That led me thinking why there isn’t any proper Bangla typing mechanism for mobile devices? Mobile app industry is booming, developers is getting paid heftily for their products just like it is for general computer industry. So lets start a project, even if it needs to be a paid project for Bangla typing mechanism for mobile device. I’m sure it will help many other service holders and expatriates who live outside Bangladesh.

Lets summarize the project in following manner:

Project Name:

Bangla Mobile Typing Mechanism for AndroidTM & SymbianTM Device

Project Objective:

To create and promote a Bangla typing mechanism for mobile device run on SymbianTM or AndroidTM.

Project Background:

Despite Bangla being the sixth most spoken language in the world it’s presence on technical world is appalling. In recent years the trend is changing for computer device with introduction and popularization of several typing keyboard layout (ie Probhat, Unijoy, Phonetic etc.) and typing mechanism (Avro keyboard). There are also some projects that are working on localizing popular software applications and web portals. However the case is not same for mobile devices. Only seeming change in Bangla use on mobile device has been seen by introduction of several low end Nokia devices which support Bangla menu and can send and receive Bangla text message sent with similar device. Recent versions of mobile web application ‘Opera MiniTM’ have supported display of Bangla websites with rendering complex script on server side. We would like to take it a step further with introduction and promoting Bangla typing mechanism for two large mobile operating systems out there, SymbianTM and AndroidTM. To encourage development of the said mechanism we are going to ensure remuneration for anyone who contributes to the project.

Project Duration:

Original development- Three months (with grace period of three additional months for bug fixing and documentation)

Subsequent development- indefinite

Project Remuneration stages:

Original Development- $500.00 (BDT 36,000)*

Subsequent Developments- $50.00 (BDT 3,600) yearly service (from 2nd year)

Documentation(s)- $69.44 (BDT 5,000)**

* Payment will be made after submission of workable typing system is released

**depending on quality of documentation (sole discretion of project maintainer)

Project Terms & Conditions:

  • The original development and all subsequent developments (ie. those which directly falls under this projects authority) must be released under open license (ie. project developments must be open source)


  • The original development and all subsequent developments (ie. those which directly falls under this projects authority) must be available completely free of charge for general users.


  • Original development remuneration will be made with Post Dated Cheques (PDC) with three months time frame.


  • Subsequent development and documentation remuneration will be made within 15 days of release (subject to availability of funds, maximum grace period of 30 days).


(payment terms and conditions can be negotiated)

(please leave your contact details in the comment section or email me at (shahriar<at>

One thing needs to be cleared out. I am not submitting this project anywhere to receive any funding, its my little pet project that every now on many people undertakes. Only problem I’m not a mobile app developer hence looking to get the job done by others.

Even if you are not a developer and you have some insight/suggestions to improve the project don’t forget to leave comment. Please help me spread the project news via your social network. I will be personally grateful to you.

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